Date of display: Oct 10, 2019
Location of display: Tianjin, China

China has unveiled a new stealth helicopter that is in the shape of a UFO disk. The disk look very similar to a lot of UFOs seen around the world for decades, so it seems that China is taking its info for design directly from UFO reports. China is working hard at this airshow to reveal its newest aircraft in order to show off its military muscle. The disk is probably the generation 1 of its type, so China probably has a ten 10 or higher of this craft now...which means no more helicopter rotor, which was probably replaced by three actual alien craft anti propulsion generators. China is showing off its aircraft...but we all know its top secret craft are still being hidden from the public. Much like Americas TR3B secret military craft with alien propulsion systems installed...this kind of tech is capable of space travel at partial light speed. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan 

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Scott Waring

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