Date of sighting: Nov 2, 2019
Location of sighting: Texas, USA
News Source:

These giant mother ship UFOs were seen over several cities in Texas on Saturday Nov 2. The UFOs showed up on weather radar. The radar caught three UFOs that were miles in diameter over Texas late at night around 9:45-10:30pm. The UFOs were so big the radar bounced off of each of them...causing a series of rings to show up around the UFO. Each UFO had six thick refracted rings around it, caused by the radar bouncing of of them. 

Twitter lit up this on Sat with people tweeting to @wfaweatehr that it looked like an alien invasion.  They were worried about the rings seen over cities of Waco, Austin, and more. They are correct in believing its aliens. 

Now WFFA news is trying to convince people in the video that they have the answer...that its super refraction, yet they are grasping at straws trying to explain away the truth before them. 

Alien UFOs do sometimes get caught in weather radar maps. This is 100% proof that several huge UFOs were over Texas this week. As you see on the screenshot above, the empty circle at the center of the rings is the true size of the UFOs. They are each big enough to cover one entire county. The UFO motherships must have hovered in place for up to 15 minutes...allowing them to be seen on radar. I believe they came from the Gulf of Mexico from an underwater alien base. I also believe that they were testing their cloaking devices against our human technology to see if they would be noticed...and yes, our technology is catching up to them fast. Doppler radar does make larger ships visible. Where did they go you ask? Probably straight up and out of our atmosphere. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

WFFA News states:
DALLAS — "Are we being invaded? Crop rain circles? WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS!!???" These were the types of questions that came flooding in on social media to WFAA on Saturday night. While it make look extraterrestrial, there is actually a simple answer for what the radar is showing. The reason the radar looked this way is from something called superrefraction.

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