Date of sighting: Oct 10, 2019
Location of sighting: Bountiful, Utah, USA
Source: MUFON #104298

Here is a great eyewitness video of a fleet of UFOs over Utah two weeks ago. The report was just sent into MUFON today. The video clearly shows several glowing balls of light appearing next to one another. The objects do not fall and only move to the right, so that rules out military flares. The objects are huge, car size at least to be seen from such a that rules out drones. 

I do believe what this person is witnessing is a small fleet of UFOs that are exiting an underground base 5-6km below Bountiful city. The UFOs are appearing next to one another and assuming proper fleet positions for long distance traveling. The of course cloak as soon as they can, but still they are each visible for a few seconds. Remarkable raw footage. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I was in my front yard communicating with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net. It was dark and I was looking West toward Antelope Island which is located in the western part of Davis County. I observed a cluster of approximately 50 bright orange lights enter the atmosphere over the island in a southerly direction. I thought a large meteor had broken up in the atmosphere, but then they hovered in a cluster and changed direction toward the East. The cluster of lights disappeared and a bright, white light was left in their place hovering. I then observed several bright white lights blinking in a sequential pattern in a straight line as they hovered. I reached for my cell phone and was able to capture some of this amazing event. I did not capture the 50 bright orange lights on video but what I did capture is pretty amazing. Later, someone I told sent me a link to a video of a cluster of bright orange lights hovering over the ocean near North Carolina on the same day. I watched the video and observed that it was exactly what I saw during the initial sighting.

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Scott Waring

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