Date of sighting: Nov 2019
Location of sighting: France

In France a car was seen on the sidewalk with a huge tree growing out of it. It dismayed the locals and shot across social media platforms. But it turns out when I did some more digging, that a local theater group created it as a piece of art to help advertise their local play, but is sounds hard to swallow to me. Possibly a cover up for something much more sinister going on.

The local theatre group called The Royal De Luxe, popularly known for impromptu pieces of art that defy logic like this one- as reported by Ouest-France. “The street theatre company led by Jean-Luc Courcoult settles in this neighbourhood straddling Nantes and Saint-Herblain, in full urban renewal” Not much information has been reported on how such an enormous act was pulled through; but well, there can only be two logical explanations to it.

But honestly, is this all just a elaborate cover-up to make people think its not what it looks like? I mean, what if this really was some kind of time displacement in this location? Causing a bubble in time that sped up time within that bubble by decades? France happens to be very close to the CERN collider which had some scientists saying that it could displace time or even cause small black holes to perhaps it did this. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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