Date of sighting: Nov 2, 2019
Location of sighting: Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Source: MUFON #104459

This just in from MUFON. A report of a black triangle craft buzzing around the famous Blue Angels. The black triangle is seen in all the photos and does change distance from the jets. In one photo (above) you see it came so close to the nose of a jet that it could have easily hit the aircraft by accident. I believe aliens are interested most in the technology that humans have and use. This info allows aliens to more accurately predict the future of humanity. The Blue Angels are some of the most high tech jets with the worlds most skilled pilots. Of course aliens would have interest in scanning them...and I also believe that the UFO was also racing them, like a test of skill of both crafts and pilots. Yes, some species of aliens have huge egos and being better than other species seems to be of the utmost importance. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I was doing a job just south of Moody AFB when an air show was going on. We saw the Blue Angles flying around and a few minutes later we heard the planes coming towards us again so I got my phone out to take some video. I was bad at using the phone quick enough to get to video mode so i took several still photos. We were excited to see the Famous Blue Angels show plane planes that close to us. When I got home that day I took a look at the photos to show off what we had the pleasure of seeing that day. I then zoomed in to see the planes close up as possible and WHAM. I could not believe that there was an object in the photos that was flying near the Blue Angles group. I know good and well they would not have anything in the same airspace as them. No Way The object could only be seen after I zoomed in on the photos. We did not see the object during the live event. I zoomed in on all 4 photos I took and the object is in them all and it was definitely moving as were the planes. You will see in all 4 pics the UFO object i noticed.

Below is the UFO with added light to allow us to see it better. 

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Scott Waring

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