Date of sighting: May 24, 2019
Location of sighting: Earths orbit

This string of brightly lit objects flew past a SpaceX satellite and was even visible from the ground. It could easily be mistaken for a fleet of UFO, but SpaceX is claiming its the Starlink satellites being released. 

Some comments below the video seems to show peoples dismay: 

1.  I  just saw them here in Germany, totally unprepared. I didn't know it were the starlink satellites, never saw something alike. wow. 
2. I saw this earlier over Devon, UK. Amazing sight.
3. Saw them here in the Netherlands as well.. I was pretty confused that night😂😅

I can see the conversation now...Elon Musk standing next to James Fredrick head of NASA. 

NASA: So, we sent up 3 satellites today. Hows your day been Musk?
Elon: Well Fred, I don't really know for sure, we just kinda keep shoving those little basterds into the BFR until we can't pack anymore in. We're at 60 right now.
NASA: So...BFR, does it really mean?
Musk: Yep, Big F@%#ing Rocket. 
NASA: Deep sigh as his hopes and dreams are smashed.

Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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