Location of structure: Tsiolkovskiy crater, earths moon.

Here is a structure I found in the Apollo 15 index. Its huge, not to mention people who saw the video left Youtube comments like;

1. There's a big long ship just up and to the right.
2. Above your structure is a metallic disc UFO!
3. At 0:39 under your courser what the heck is that dark object or more like some building or such. Loads of anomalies in that photo Scott.

They are correct. There are so many alien structures and disks in this photo its just unbelievable. Now we know why NASA kept going back again and again...it was to gather alien intel on the cities on the moon and make a possible alien tech retrieval mission (Apollo 20 covert mission). 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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