Youtube UFO investigator channel ThirdPhaseofMoon are onto some really interesting and dangerous evidence of a UFO crash. Of course the US government always denies everything. Thats their official stance on all UFO crashes, but it happens more often than the public would ever dream. 

In the video he states on the phone that he has in his possession a metal piece he pulled from a UFO crash and kept for himself. ThirdPhaseofMoon investigators will take that metal, photograph it, have its metal alloys analysed to find out if the metals are of unknown origin and if the metal may have a bio mechanical or living AI metal within its atomic structure itself. I have to tell you...I am really looking forward to seeing their next revealing video about this case. But it is dangerous...such evidence could undermine government intel and thats when people die. The death of my friend, the world famous UFO researcher Streetcap1, not long after a Russian interview he did. I warned him of the dangers, but he did the interview in his home anyways! I am too familiar with what can happen to UFO researcher.  Lets wish ThirdPhaseofMoon luck and safely alone the way. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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