Date of sighting: May 2019
Location of sighting: Earths orbit

This photo was taken by SpaceX and is said to be a meteor that they recorded this week. Many agencies are reporting this as a UFO, and that is understandable since NASA has never ever reported a meteor that looks like this. This makes us think NASA is really lazy and is not earning its keep. Why is a public space agency publishing a photo of a meteor like none ever seen before?

Maybe this is a UFO that is deliberately trying to appear as a meteor. Unless we capture the object and take a hands on look at this object, it will remain a mystery. But the colors and the high detail is extraordinary to say the least. Its an object that will have astronomers and astrophysics talking about it for years to come. Above all else, its awesome that SpaceX publishes extraordinary discoveries like this. It looks like we can trust Elon Musk 100%. 

UFO or meteor...really doesn't matter. Its absolutely breathtaking. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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