Date of discovery: May 3, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars

I found two severed heads near a two foot long hand gun on Mars today. The photos is from the NASA JPL website. The first head is leaning toward the reptile head, as if taking one last look before they both die. The reptile head has a mouth beak area that is very similar to a Triceratops. The reptile has many ridges and looks fierce, with a fake ridge that had fallen off during battle. The fake ridge sits near the reptiles head. It was probably worn in battle to make the reptile appear more fierce and frightening. 

Just that fact that two different heads are in the same location with a weapon in between them is mind-blowing to me. 

Why didn't the heads decompose? Because advanced alien species will have more strands of DNA than us, and the more strands of DNA, the harder it is to decompose. I believe that if a species has 5 or more strands of DNA, the body would no longer decompose. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan UFO and Alien Researcher
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Scott Waring

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