Date of sighting: May 10, 2019
Location of sighting: Earths orbit, at ISS

I recorded this UFO on the old cams not the new cams. The new cams are on Youtube and seemed to be faked, since I noticed they put it on a loop most the time. 

The UFO seems curved on the top and sides, but flat on its bottom. The close up in the video shows its color changing as it moves past the space station slowly. This video is over six minutes and shows some serious close ups of a UFO that NASA does not want you to see. 

This is absolute proof that aliens have a high interest in the space station and how the astronauts on board are dealing with the unique environment of space. 
Scott C. Waring

I often post videos 12-24 hours before I make posts, so follow me on Youtube to stay uptodate. 

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Scott Waring

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Sir if I was saying I have seen this same and took one pic at very low altitude . Sighting about two minutes my friend and my mom's slow have seen.But in 2018 April evening I have had seen it moving silently St very low altutual after analysing pic I have feel two thing . First two blue rectangular bracket kind of thing cover both side of over this yellow object and it was look like a piegion kind of shape.from naked eyes I have seen a yellow boll kind of thing but in PIC same as you posted . I have also feeling some small window ,could be wrong. But absolutely same sighting.