Now I made. I really feel that it holds an alien message. I took the singing sounds made by comet P67 and slowed them down so that we could hear them better. 

Fun facts about comet P67:
1. Its makes a radio signal that sounds like a message.
2. Its radio signal has gone non stop since discovery over 25 years ago. 
3. 20 years ago when scientist heard comet P67, the decided to build and launch a satellite to investigate it. 
4. The satellite finally reached the comet several years ago and recorded this signal from the called the singing comet. 
5. The public was never told about the singing until the Rossetta probe had reached the comet. 
6. The comet itself is shaped like an alien head with a neck and shoulders. 

So, this is a message that aliens created and placed on the comet to either mark their territory or to test species at a certain level of development to come and investigate. I think its the first. The shape of the entire comet is that of an alien bust. Its to show who made the be 100% sure those that received it and came, would learn of who sent it and who will enforce it. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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Anonymous said...

hi Scott! thanks for sharing
this sounds is like the sound of pyramids of Bosnia transmission, see here :
could be possible builders have built an energy machine here on 67P comet :)