Date of discovery: May 2, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1277
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I found this ancient tomb on Mars when I was looking back at a tiny skull photo that I had found a few years ago. I had never seen this tomb back then. It was just right there in the center of a photo. It was a totally different photo than the skull. The skull was of a tiny alien species because the photo was taken with he micro viewer camera. 

The tomb is a little bit bigger than 2 meters long. It looks to be 2.1-2.2 meters long. That would match up to the size of tombs here on earth. The top of the tomb seems to be slightly raised in one corner so we know that the tomb is hollow and this is a lid. Also the sides of the tomb have sculptures in it, but the photos detail is too poor to make out for certain what those carvings are. Still, I am just surprised that I had found this today. This is absolutely 100% proof that intelligent aliens one thrived on Mars. I wonder if this species still exists below the ground in underground cities to escape the horrible heat of the surface? Time will tell. 
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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