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I found this 80 meters skeleton on Comet P67 also called the singing comet. The original ESA photo has a measurement of 100 meters in its lower right hand corner. I used it to get the true size of the alien body. 

Now over 20 years ago scientists around the world heard the singing comet. Its song never ends, is always on and always transmitting in radio frequencies. Scientists built the Rosette probe to investigate this song...believing it to be an invitation to meet. What they really found when they got there...we may never know, but I will report to you what I find in the photos to help you decide. 

I believe the skeleton belonged to the alien race that created the singing comet millions of years ago. I believe it was a scientist who had the idea to make the comet and send it out into the solar system as a international greeting card of sorts. But he probably died before seeing it completed and asked that he be placed upon the comet to explore the universe with his creation. Its kind of poetic really. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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