Date of sighting: Nov 11, 2014
Location of sighting: Chile
Source: Chilian Navy
Camera: Infrared

Most of the public around the world still is in the dark about an important fact about UFOs. That they can create clouds fast and easily to hide within. We all have seen fighter jets and passenger jets creating these clouds called contrails behind them, but have you ever seen a UFO do a similar trick? In this video taken in 2014 by the Chilean Navy as they follow a UFO we see some very important things that give us deep insight into the tech capabilities of UFOs.

1. They can make a thick and huge chem trail instantly, just as fighter jets do.
2. They can shoot out clouds from 4 or more directions to help hide its true shape and probably to make clouds to hide within. 
3. Infrared camcorders break through any cloaks and reveal any invisible craft in the sky. (Although invisible to the naked eye).

I don't believe the UFO was aware that the Navy craft was recording in infrared, revealing the alien ship. Otherwise the UFO would not have tried to distract the Navy craft by making a chem trail, which was meant to take the attention onto the cloud, and away from the UFO. Also the three facts that I cite above help UFO researchers worldwide. They are only three things, but it gives us three more facts that we didn't have earlier about identifying UFOs.  

A few more facts...from other cases I studied.
4. UFOs make holes though clouds when they move at high speeds. (O'Hare Airport case).
5. Holes in clouds made by UFOs can remain for up to 20 minutes after the event. (O'Hare Airport Case).

There are many more, but...lets save something for later.
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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