Location of object: Black Mountains, Arizona, USA

I think this disk stone object could possibly be an actual UFO. Let me explain. The weight of a UFO means nothing. The alien propulsion system could make an solid gold elephant fly. But I feel that some UFOs were made to withstand destruction. They were made to work remotely without occupants. They were used in war and needed to be strong...so they made them solid with the nano tech built into it, much like a 3D printer creates an object with is software and hardware all built into it so it cannot be damaged. Now you have the ultimate war machine. One that can really take a beating. This one seems to have landed on top of this mountain in Arizona and sat there ever sine. Maybe millions of years and the tough material blends into the environment and people assume its part of the mountain. Its not the only stone-like UFO disk ever found...there have been hundreds discovered worldwide.

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan
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Scott Waring

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