Hi everyone. I've been asked by some of my Youtube subscribers to make a donate button. I will try, but here is another way to also help me out by donating cryptocurrency to one of my wallets. 
Thank you so much for thinking of me. Very kind of you all. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Donate to my crypto wallets to help me. 

Bitcoin wallet:  12Q5fm4EQSvpN5s9qGeQ99W2zynwvoxv6i

Ethereum wallet: 0x8ddfb56566d7ae614a65f9f966837a66387cde47

Litecoin LTC:  LRp68hyor5DfcoJ2HNJSG97dUKh4VEC5ta

Dogecoin:  DQcKAYnseFbHEtdQYkYCRPKeoYVJkE5kPv

Reddcoin:  RiZ2qTon6zNtNoJicJhf9B5ds96zPA2SJf

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Scott Waring

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