26°46'14.93"N 110°11'40.87"W 

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I found this awesome crystal blue UFO at an underwater alien base off the coast of Mexico today. The UFO according to Google ruler is 1.8 miles across in both directions. Thats a big alien craft! I guess if its parked under the water its more of a USO (unidentified submerged object) as some call them. Notice that from the UFO the three paths are closer together, which means that were the USOs begin to take off. At the end of the three paths they are spread apart a lot...which tells me its the end of the runway and they need more room between them. The runways are 77 miles long! Why do they need runways...perhaps its an area safe of fish, sharks, whales so the USOs travel more safely. 

This also reminds me of the story of Atlantis told by Plato. The advanced beings on the island of Atlantis had a blue giant crystal that lengthened the citizens lives, power their technology and in the end...destroyed Atlantis by sinking the city below the ocean. Is this that giant blue crystal? 

Whatever that blue object is...if retrieved...the country that gets it will be and stay a world power. 
Scott Waring-Taiwan
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Scott Waring

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