Date of sighting: June 18, 2019
Location of sighting: Dayton, Ohio, USA 

This white UFO was seen over the Wright Patterson military base area. The UFO is said to have hovered there for over three hours, then suddenly turns orange and disappears. This looks really big, about ten meters, so I imagine there are a lot of others who saw this UFO. The UFO doesn't resemble anything I can think of and makes me wonder why it was at the military base and not being confronted by jets?
Scott C. Waring

Video states: 
Got an alert from a client who "got a call" from a friend. As you know, Wright Patterson Airforce Base is in Dayton, Ohio. If they had a radar, they'd know if there was something odd. I filmed this personally. Here is the entire video. It goes from blurry to focused because on the small screen I could not tell whether it was focused right, so I kept going back and forth to make sure that I got at least some clear footage -- and I did. Pause it. Very odd. It stayed in place, or moved VERY slowly for about an hour. It did not seem to change in size. Then the clouds came. This is posted as of 8pm, day of, filmed about 30 minutes ago. Weather balloon? Why is it reflective on two or more sides, then?

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Scott Waring

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