Coordinates: 61°28'6.31"S 55°33'28.87"W

I was using Google map to find Nazi bases or alien bases or plane crashes in the polar regions when I accidentally came across this crashed alien ship. It looks like it crashed long ago. The crash marks behind it go for several hundred meters. The ship itself is about 118 meters across according to Google ruler. The black window cockpit area is easy to make out. The nose of the craft is pointed and becomes wider at the pilots area, then thins at its middle and becomes wide at its back again. Also one of the fins on its back is folded upward. Just like some aircraft can fold their wings upwards to store them. 

I have to feel bad for an alien that lands on this island. There seems to be nothing here. A crash landing means almost certain death unless he was able to call rescuers to come get him. But a craft this big would easily carry several hundred passengers. Since its the size is 118 meters and a 747 is 76 meters, we can assume since the 747 can carry 416 passengers. This means the crash UFO could have had hundreds of people on board at the time of the crash...and they may be dead inside the craft if they were not rescued or died in the crash.
Scott C. Waring

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Scott Waring

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