Date of sighting: May 23, 2019
Location of sighting: Sun
Source: NASA/SOHO images

On May 22, I noticed two huge black circles on the northern and southern poles of our sun. I took a screenshot and the very just a few hours later on May 23, I saw a white object that was shooting out of the Northern black area of our sun. The objects color was white, indicating that it was not made of the material of our sun. If it was material from our sun, then it would be a greenish hue due to the SOHO filters. However this white color indicates its solid, but not made of the same material. Meaning...its a UFO that exited our sun.  I have often said that our sun is so huge, its very likely that its hollow and has an entire planetary system (mini solar system) inside. Sounds bizarre, but really, is it? It is the most logical explanation for the exiting of this UFO. And its not like this is the first UFO I ever found exiting our sun, but more like the 20th or so.

Notice at 4 min into the video is the screenshot of the sun on the 22nd of May...two huge black circles on both polar regions. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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Scott Waring

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